Executives Guild, Ltd. Member Application

To join the Executives Guild, Ltd.’s networking group, fill out the online application below or click here for a PDF to download and print. 

Once your membership is approved you will be contacted by the V.P. of Membership who will meet with you to review your responsibilities as a member, the organization’s By-Laws, Policies & Procedures, and expectations for meeting attendance. Most meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday evening of every month.

Upon completion of this form, please send the application and payment of $250 which is the application fee to:

Executives Guild, Ltd.
PO Box 341
Skokie, IL 60076-0341

    Business Information Section

    Name of Company: Phone:
    Address: Fax:
    Address 2: Cell:
    Check Appropriate Box:
    Sole ProprietorshipPartnershipCorporationLLC
    # of Years in Business: Number of Employees and/or 1099s:

    Describe the main products/services rendered by your company:


    Gross Sales:
    This Year (projected): Business Bank:
    Last Year: Phone:
    Previous Year: Contact:

    Information on Principals:
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    Name: Title: Phone:

    Business References: (not to include a current EGL member)
    Reference 1
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    Reference 2
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    Personal Data Section

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    Personal References:

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    Step 3: Social and Business Information:

    Organization Affiliations and Offices held:
    List the major industries you currently provide services/products to:
    When developing a relationship, what types of businesses or industries would be the most beneficial to your growth?
    How will EGL members benefit from your becoming a member?
    Can you recommend another company that may be interested in joining the Executives Guild, Ltd?
    Which EGL member, if any, sponsored your application?


    If approved, I agree to adhere to the by-laws of the organization and attend meetings on the 4th Wednesday evening of every month.
    After submitting this online application, please mail $250 application fee check to:
        The Executives Guild, LTD. - PO Box 341 - Skokie, IL 60076-0341
    Applying Company:
    By: Title:
    Category Applied: Sponsor:
    By submitting this form online, you acknowledge that this is your electronic signature to this application.